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Blocked drains can cause major problems and are often the main reason for toilet issues, burst pipes or even leaking toilets.

The drain blockage prevents water and even air flow through the pipework which can have some serious implications. Blockages can be caused by many things, with tree root ingress in pipes buried underground being one of the most common causes.

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jetter drain clearing

JETTER DRain CLearing

We use specialist equipment like CCTV drain inspection camera to discover the cause and exact location of the issue so we can advise the best long-term solution. Utilising the CCTV equipment allows plumbers to diagnose problems in the pipes without having to excavate to find the cause, keeping investigative costs low. It also allows plumbers to detect potential problems before they become major ones, so is very useful technology that we utilise to get your drains back to normal with least disruption.

CCTV INspection

Once the ‘root’ cause of the blockage has been found we use a high-pressure water jet drain clearing machine to effectively cut out, dislodge and flush any foreign matter in your pipes. Jet drain clearing is a process of using high-pressure water to clean out drains, and it is an extremely effective and efficient way of clearing away debris in drains and pipes. However, it can also be very dangerous if not done properly or with the correct equipment due to the extremely high pressure of the water. Our Plumbers have the training and expertise necessary to safely and effectively use this powerful tool. If a problem is found, a solution can quickly and easily be provided and repairs conducted prior to major loss and damage.

CCTV inspection

Some of the main causes of blocked drains include:

toilet paper

Toilet paper, wet wipes or baby wipes

tree roots

Tree roots, garden waste, leaves or dirt

grease or soap

Grease or soap build-up

damaged pipes

Collapsed or damaged pipes


Hair or fur

foreign objects

Foreign objects such as toys or balls

Signs you have a blocked drain:

blocked drain signs

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