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Plumbing malfunctions can be a headache to deal with.

It is Social Plumbing’s core value that if installations and repairs are conducted inline with the latest standards and manufacturers specifications, there is no reason the product should fail prior to the life expectancy.

Plumbing malfunctions

Our Plumbing Services

Emergency repairs

Emergency Repairs

We prioritise and triage to emergency leaking pipes, blocked and overflowing drains as an emergency make safe until full repairs can be completed buying you time and saving money.

hot water

Hot Water - System service, repair and installation

If you have no hot water or a leaking hot water system, call Social Plumbing and Gas to investigate and minimize your hot water disruptions. Our staff are fully trained to provide the best and most efficient solution to your hot water problem. We provide service, repairs, replacement and installation of Solar, Gas and Electric storage hot water systems. We can even provide an instant quote to replace the system if necessary.

water Hammer

Water hammer – Causes and Solutions

Water Hammer is caused by ‘hydraulic shock’ where a tap or valve is shut off quickly, the sudden stop of the water flowing causes a shuddering within the pipes and the noise is caused by loose pipework.

Common causes of Water Hammer:

To resolve your water hammer noise issues, we can install a PRV (Pressure Reducing Valve) on the mains water pipe to reduce the water pressure coming into your home, or we can install a Water Hammer Arrestor which is a small device that absorbs the shock created by a sudden stoppage of the water flow each time the water is turned off at a fixture. 

Water meter replacement and installation of individual water meters

We can assist in replacing existing Strata Complex water meters if they are deemed to be unreadable by Council due to age, corrosion or damage.

We can also provide solutions for installing individual water meters into body corporate complexes, both residential and commercial.

There are a number of Council and Authority requirements to adhere to when installing new water meters, and Social Plumbing and Gas have the knowledge to assist you in deciding what kind of water meter set up would suit your complex. We can discuss with you both Council read and privately read and billed water meters, depending on your situation.

when to do backflow testing

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